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Track your time in Slack

December 2020

For users of the collaboration tool Slack, there is now an app that enables time reporting to Tic-Tac directly from within Slack.

Contact us for more information.

Tic-Tac Mobile, Slack app

Tag your project

January 2019

Now you can tag your project, put a colored label on it, to make it stand out. A signal, a reminder, or a keyword to search and sort by.

Tic-Tac Mobile, label your projects

Easy to find when compiling and reporting.

Tic-Tac Mobile, tagging the project

What's up ahead - see the trend

April 2018

The trend tab of the timeplan will give you heads up on utilization and billing the coming months. Make sure you plan incoming projects and delegate work to the right competence. And get motivated to bring in more projects...

Tic-Tac Mobile, the timeplan trend

Your own view

December 2017

As an administrator you want to see the progress for the whole company. But also get a quick overview of your own situation. Now there is a new tab, Personal View, in the reports.

Tic-Tac Mobile, the Personal View

The Timeplan, revisited

April 2017

We have reworked the timeplan to improve on usability and clarity. You see both planned and reported time. The table below sums up the hours for the period and shows the utilization factor.

Tic-Tac Mobile, the new Advanced timeplan

Simplify with Single Sign On

March 2017

Do you have a Google account for you corporate email? Perhaps you are using Office 365? Or have your coworkers in an Active Directory in Microsoft Azure?

Now you can log in to Tic-Tac through both Google och Microsoft. A little easier with fewer login credentials to remember.

New app

November 2016

Now our new app is available for download at Google Play and App Store.

Tic-Tac Mobile, the new app

New way to plan work ahead

June 2016

We are introducing an easier way to work with the Timeplan.

Convenient when you prefer entering hours per coworker, project and week. It is fast and provides good overview.

You can toggle between the simple time plan and the advanced. In the advanced tab you can enter activities in alternative ways, have more elaborate views and see utilization factors and the value of time planned with respect to the hourly rate.

Tic-Tac Mobile, simple time plan

Easier to report time on your mobile

March 2016

We are updating the mobile app to make it easier and faster to enter time.

Plus och minus buttons simplifies input

There is a timer for each activity.

The Dashboard provides overview of flexitime, planned activities and tickets delegated to you.

Works equally well on your smartphone, tablet, or if you will, on the computer.

Tic-Tac Mobile, mobile app

Entering On Call allowances

December 2015

Now you can define On Call allowances in Tic-Tac. This is also suitable for other allowances, for e.g. standby and readiness or travel compensation

Tic-Tac Mobile, allowances

Fewer passwords to remember with Single Sign On

November 2015

It it now possible to sign in to Tic-Tac using your Google account, provided that your user ID with Tac-Tac is your Google email adress.

If you are already logged in with Google, you will enter Tic-Tac directly.

This will also work for companies that let Google handle their email and have email addresses with their own domain name.

We have also added the possibility to authenticate users against a corporate Active Directory. Your company will then have its own login page with Tic-Tac and you will log in the same way you do at your workplace.
This technology opens the possibility to onwards manage your users in Tic-Tac, mirroring the Active Directory.

Please contact us for more information on Single Sign On!

Tic-Tac on film

September 2015

We have made series of introduction films on Tic-Tac. Mainly to give new visitors an idea of what Tic-Tac is all about. But we think that even current users will find them informative. The films are available on the start page as well as on the page About Tic-Tac.

Saved favourites

August 2015

When you have many projects and many users it is handy to create a filter to single out just the data you are interested in. Now the five latest selections are automatically saved and are easily picked up again.

Tic-Tac Mobile, sparade favoritrapporter

Expenses in foreign currencies

Now you can enter expenses in other currencies. The exchange rate is retrieved daily from the European Central Bank. Don't forget to take a picture of the receipt with your smartphone! You upload the receipt and tie it to the expense.

Tic-Tac Mobile, utgifter i annan valuta

The new, long awaited Weekly Report

April 2015

Your customers may have asked for it: Introducing the new Weekly Report

Tic-Tac Mobile, veckorapporten

Secure connection

March 2015

We now have a server certificate of type 'Extended Validation' which makes our company name appear in the address field against green background. This is to ensure our customers that we use the latest encryption technology

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