Complete time reporting for the project

  • Track time with a smartphone or computer
  • Plan your projects and resources
  • Monitor projects in real time
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Tic-Tac Mobile. Complete time reporting for the project

Time reporting so easy

that people actually do it

User-friendly time reporting

Report times on a computer, smartphone, or tablet
Write notes for every line
Use the timer to measure how long you’ve worked for
Report expenses, mileage allowance, and subsistence allowance

Clear project planning

Projects involving a range of activities
Plan activities for each employee in terms of time
Project budget with follow-up
Documentation and discussion in the project diary
Case management with history

The reports you need

Keep track of time, costs, charges
Group into customers and project and staff categories
Create invoices with the layout you prefer
Follow up on project budgets, flexitime, and chargeability
Authorize staff hours and expenses
Export data to accounts and payroll systems

Just 9 dollars per user per month

No initial fee or tie-in period

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