Tic-Tac is a web service for project time and expense tracking that provides overviews and control of your projects.

Tic-Tac is so easy to use that you and your colleagues can report times on a daily basis.

And you can follow up your projects in real-time to see whether they are on budget and on schedule.

Tic-Tac keeps track of customers, accounts and staff.

And if you like, you can invoice in the system. You can also connect to your financial and payroll systems.

We started development of Tic-Tac when we ourselves needed to keep track of our time. We were just a few of consultants back then, working together but spread out all over town. It was difficult to compile hours each month and to prepare invoices. And we lacked a daily overview of how the company was doing.

We created the first version of Tic-Tack in January of 2002. It wasn't long before we attracted a couple of external customers. It's been a long journey. Tic-Tac has grown up and we now have customers in a variety of branches. We've had to put consulting operations aside to work full time with the service.

Many have contributed in the development of Tic-Tac.

We have a team of people who are very enthusiastic about what they do. They are designers, interface specialists, IT technicians, programmers and database specialists.

But above all, it's the users who contribute to development. Over the years, we've received multitudes of tips and wishes about how people want the service to work. This is tremendously valuable. And it makes it more fun to work.

We continue to refine and further develop Tic-Tac. Hardly a day passes without an improvement; a little detail that makes the whole even stronger.

Thanks to all of you who are Tic-Tac users.

And to those of you thinking of joining us - welcome aboard!

Carl Zetterberg
Founder and Managing Director

Tic-Tac Mobile is for businesses that need overviews of times and expenses for their projects. The reasons are often many. Perhaps you want to bill your customers, make sure a project is progressing as planned,become better at estimating times or maybe you just want to see where time is spent at the company.

No, Tic-Tac is a web based service. You access it via your desktop - either Mac or PC - or your mobile phone or tablet. We make sure the service is up and running around-the-clock, all year long. And not the least, that your information is securely handled. We're constantly improving the software and you never need to concern yourself with downloading updates.

Yes, Tic-Tac works superbly with smartphones and tablets. Just open your mobiles web browser and go to http://mobil.tictacmobile.com.

Alternatively, download our app at Google Play or the App Store.

You start out with a one-month free trial.You enter your staff members and a few important projects.You try it out at your company and create a project structure that best reflects the reality of your operations.

Among the reports and views, you'll soon find those that are most important to you.

It's best to start off simple and then gradually add the available functionality.

The monthly charge for Tic-Tac is $9 per user. Request a bid if many of you will be using the service! Subscribing to the service is like a newspaper subscription.
You'll receive a bill every third month. You then choose whether or not you want to continue. There is no minimum subscription period. And no start-up fees.

You are the only one who can access your information. You identify yourself with your user ID and password.

All communications between your web browser and our servers are encrypted.

Our servers are located in two separate server clusters at 24solutions in Stockholm. They comply with stringent security requirements with respect to fire safety, unauthorised access and backup power.

You can download most reports as Excel, Word or XML documents. And you can export data to the most common business systems.

We also provide a web service that enables your systems to automatically download information at regular intervals. The protocols we use are XML/SOAP. Contact us about the details.

The best way is to take advantage of our one-month free trial.

You will have the same functionality as with a subscription and it will give you ample time to try out Tic-Tac with your colleagues.
We'll be happy to help you get underway with a demonstration, either at your office or over the phone.

Tic-Tac Mobiles policy for subscriptions to the service as well as protection of your user integrity and your information.

1. Only you have access to the information you save in the system. Access is protected by your user ID and your password.

2. Your name and your e-mail address may be used by us if we need to reach you in connection with your use of the service.

3. Under no circumstance will the information you save or the information about your use of the service be given to a third party.

4. The database in which your information is saved is protected with strict authorization requirements on several levels. Our server is in a data center where the highest standard of security is ensured. It is protected from intrusion, fire and power failures. The server is behind a firewall and regular database backups are made. The backup copies are stored in a separate locked area.

5. Our highest priority is to make sure our subscribers information is securely handled. But even if all cautionary measures are taken, there is never 100% protection against technical breakdown or intentional damage. Tic-Tac Mobile AB, operator of the service, does not assume any financial responsibility beyond the subscription fee for the relevant three-month period, for any loss of data or consequential loss.

6. Tic-Tac Mobile is a pay-service with a trial month free of charge for new users. A subscription may be renewed quarterly with an advance payment of the relevant fee. If you should choose not to renew your subscription, your account will be closed automatically after the expiry date. Your information will remain in the system for at least three months in case you wish to resume the subscription. At your request, we will erase your information immediately upon ending your subscription.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is in force from May 25, 2018

Below is stated how your customer and user relation with Tic-Tac Mobile is in compliance with the GDPR.

As a customer of Tic-Tac, being the data controller:

  • you have full disposal of your data
  • you are responsible for the way your company is uing the service and the selection of data you enter into the system.

Tic-Tac Mobile, in the role of data processor:

  • is responsible for the data security and integrity of the service.
  • will, on your request, delete your company account data
  • will, on your request, provide a machine readable file for export of your data to another system

Tic-Tac Mobile, in the role of data controller:

  • will not process or handle your information of being a customer of Tic-Tac for the purpose of marketing, profiling or other commersial purpose

See also our policy for user integritry and security