Time tracking so easy it actually gets done

This is what our customers have to say about Tic-Tac Mobile

Tic-Tac gives us a quick and easy opportunity to maintain transparency on how work is progressing and control our complex project organization.We’re very pleased with the outstanding level of service.

Carl-Johan Burström

Tech Controller

We’re so pleased with TicTac. It suits our business really well, especially the option of influencing and improving functions.

Malin Holm

HR/Communications Manager

It works superbly at our consultancy. It’s easy to get started, flexible, and always available to use.

Peter Söderquist

Project Manager

Tic-Tac is an efficient and really easy way to take control over time and money.Tic-Tac has improved our planning and profitability.And the personal service and follow-up are excellent as well. I can highly recommend Tic-Tac.

Maria Whyte

Creative Manager

We’re really pleased with Tic-Tac Mobile. It allows us to keep track of our projects and all the hours we work. Tic-Tac has made our lives simpler!

Patrik Camp


It’s really easy for new users to get started with time tracking.Tic-Tac has been responsive to our needs and gone on developing new functions.

Kennet Osbjer

Training Manager

Tic-Tac makes it easy to keep track of the hours worked by consultants, and administration is easy too.It also provides really great overviews so that we can monitor hours worked and project reporting.The system gives us detailed billing data that both we and our customers are happy with.

Bodil Bjanes

Managing Director

Expanding the company from one to three people, and with a portfolio of around 40 active customers – well, that could have been a complicated task resulting in things being missed. But now we’re using Tic-Tac’s really simple billing function, especially job management, with clear lists, delegation, and historical data. It’s incredibly easy!

Alexandra Németh


Tic-Tac Mobile helps us to focus on our core business and plays a key role in everything we do.The service works incredibly well for both consultants and administrators.It’s easy to use, reporting is good, and new functions are always being added that make our day-to-day work that little bit better. And the support is really great as well!

Jukka Ristijärvi


Tic-Tac makes our production work even more efficient.

Daniel Roos

Head of Digital Development

Besides the time tracking function that’s easy to use, we make extensive diary notes for every project and then we show these to our customers as part of our documentation.It’s really easy and always available. Tic-Tac Mobile saves on administration time and always helps us to make sure we bill what we should be billing.

Gunnar Hildén


Tic-Tac Mobile is incredibly easy to use, it doesn’t take much effort to get started with it.A number of our colleagues have worked with lots of different time reporting systems over the years.Tic-Tac is the first system where all the comments have been overwhelmingly positive.It’s obvious that the service is shaped around a person’s day-to-day work, not based on a business system.

Magnus Kerner

Partner & Sales Director

Tic-Tac Mobile AB
Nybrogatan 34
SE-114 39 Stockholm


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